You’re being watched.

Obscure yourself from the crowd.


Protect your identity with our unique design that tricks face-detection in surveillance cameras by simulating a mirage of faces obscuring your own.

Secret Pockets

For added security, there's a concealed pocket on the back of the bag, perfect for safeguarding your most valuable possessions.

Water Resistant

Crafted from 100% polyester, our backpack is not only durable but also water-resistant, making it ideal for all-terrain use.

Find Spy Cameras

Bust peeping Toms in your AirBnB with our key-fob monocle that illuminates all camera lenses in the room.

Signal Cage

Protect your communications from interception by police StringRays, relay attacks, rogue WiFi, LTE spoofing, and all wireless device tracking.

Ergonomic Design

With padded strap regulators, you can carry comfortably out of sight all day.